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Peter A. Ehrl
physician (D), dentist (D), oral surgeon (D), specialist dental implantology (certif. BdiZ, D, ICOI, US), certified teacher for implantology, expert and chief expert for implant treatment (BdiZ)
more than 90 publications , more than 200 special lectures and courses international (german, englisch) in the topics: didactic inmedicin, social medicin, diseases of the sinus, implantology, kryotherapy, diseases of oral mucosa
organization of congresses and curricula international

education at university Würzburg/Bavaria (psychology), Hannover, Frankfurt/M. and München (Germany, medicin and dentistry) and Portland (Oragon/USA)(periodontology, endodontics, oral surgery), chief assistant at university Frankfurt/Main/Germany, since 1982 in private practice, first Freudenstadt, since 1996 in Berlin.

Doctorate for Dr.med.dent. with the topic "Mund-Antrum-Verbindungen" and for Dr.med. with the topic "development of an extension implant"

some professional steps:
1973 coworker at WHO-study “Dental manpower systems...“
1973-74 member of senatus of Medical university Hannover
1973-76 coworker of “Arbeitskreis med. Didaktik“ Hannover
since 1982 teacher for Akademie Praxis und Wissenschaft (APW)
1989-95 member of the board for postgraduate education in oral surgery, expert for periodontology, oral surgery and private practice of the chamber for dentists in Karlsruhe
1988 Founding denthouse
1990-92 chairmen of the committee for quality of the BdiZ
1990 authorization to give postgraduate education in dentalsurgery/oral surgery
1992-95 member of DIN-committee for dental implants
1992-95 2nd chairmen of profesional society of the germen oral surgeons
1996-2000 scientific chairmen of the Philipp-Pfaff-Institute
2000 cofounder of preDent (first 3D-head-diagnostic institut in Germany)
2003 organisation of the annual program of APW/DGZMK (german dental society)
2003-2006 referee for postgraduate education of DGZi
2003 ICOI diplomate
2003-2009 expert for oral implantology of the chamber in Berlin/Germany

member of: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kieferchirurgie, Bundesverband Deutscher Oralchirurgen (BDO), Int. Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (IAOMS), Berufsverband der niedergelassenen implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte (BdiZ), International Congress of Implantology (ICOI)



place of business Berlin, Germany
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